According to data on the website of the domestic space tourism operator RocketTrip, the launch of the first mission to the Moon in Russian history is scheduled for August 11.

The schedule of the tour to the Vostochny cosmodrome indicates that the launch of the Soyuz-2 rocket with the Luna-25 automatic station on board is scheduled for 06:45 Blagoveshchensk time (00:45 Moscow time).

Roskosmos noted that it has already announced plans to delay the launch of Luna from July to August. This was due to the need for additional testing and the complexity of ballistics and navigation support.

The “Luna-25” automatic station will be the first domestic device sent to the Earth satellite since 1976. The automatic probe will land near the South Pole’s Boguslavsky crater. The main task of the landowner is to search for water and study the surface of the moon.

Source: Ferra

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