The results open the door for astronauts to enjoy french fries in zero gravity.

To check whether it is possible to cook this dish in low-gravity space conditions, a series of experiments were carried out using a special apparatus. This carousel-type device was installed on an aircraft performing parabolic maneuvers during flight, creating conditions of weightlessness for a short time.

The researchers hypothesized that under such conditions, air bubbles would adhere to the surface of the potatoes and create a layer of steam that could leave the vegetable undercooked.

However, a high-speed, high-resolution camera made it possible to record the dynamics of the bubbles, including their size, growth rate, and direction of motion in the oil. The temperature of the boiling oil and the temperature inside the potatoes were also measured.

As a result, the scientists concluded that in low gravity conditions, just like on Earth, vapor bubbles easily separate from the potato surface. This points to the possibility of cooking chips in space.

Source: Ferra

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