For a long time, bulky, powerful and voracious pickups were one of the hallmarks of the American auto oproma. However, in recent years, demand for them has been falling, which ensures the supply of more compact and economical cars aimed at buyers with average incomes.

California-based off-the-shelf startup Telo Trucks is offering its version of Telo Truck’s modern, low-cost urban electric Go pickup truck. The dimensions of the electric car are 386 x 185 x 167 cm, which provides it with high maneuverability and the ability to park in a limited space. Weight – 2 tons, battery power 106 kWh. In 20 minutes of recharging, it performs its clarity by 80%. Engine power 500 l. With. accelerates the electric car to 100 km / h in three seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km/h. A full charge is enough for almost 560 km.

Body Truck

The cabin is designed for five people – the driver and four passengers. Behind the rear seat is a body (they are separated by a partition). However, if it is necessary to lengthen the body, the bulkhead can be dismantled. Pickup truck load capacity – 750 kg. It can tow a load of up to three tons on a trailer. If necessary, you can install a third row of seats and a roof over the body. There is a cargo compartment for luggage and other grabs.

The developers promise to satisfy their offspring to all those in need – airbags and modern electronics. The pilot batch will be ready in two years, and serial production is scheduled for 2026. Cena Telo Truck – $50,000

Body Truck

Source: Tech Cult

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