Model “Sargan”. Photo: TASS

Within the framework of the Forum PF-2023, launched in St. Petersburg, by an anonymous surface application of rats, half named “Sargan”. Rather, at the event they only demonstrated his model, and also largely talked about possible new products.

According to specialists from the Sevastopol State University and the Seaagrobiotech REC, who work on the Sargan, this drone is designed to escort ships, protect law enforcement waters and embassies, study intelligence and anti-sabotage work, support operations carried out at sea and ashore, and also solve the girl search and rescue missions.

The model shown at the SPIEF will soon undergo a series of tests necessary to determine the propulsion, stability, control of a promising platform, as well as working out the positions of the device in various traps and payload options.

That is, no technical details on the future of “Sarganu” were announced, as it is not clear, during the period of the week the budget was closed for the day and night. production.

Source: Tech Cult

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