Researchers from Sechenov University and the Biotech Alliance are working on an herbal remedy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that will not cause addiction and addiction.

PTSD is a pathological reaction to mental trauma that a person has “experienced” live. At the first stage, experts are developing a foreign drug analog developed against PTSD. For this, a method for isolating active substances from medicinal plants is being developed.

Researchers then use molecular modeling to design digital twins of therapeutic targets and select the compounds most effective against them. In terms of properties, the compounds will exceed the pharmacological properties of natural substances.

Therefore, a full development cycle of an original drug for the treatment of PTSD will be created, Alexander Nosyrev, director of the Institute of Molecular Theranostics of the Biomedicine Science and Technology Park of Sechenov University, outlined.

Source: Ferra

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