If you want to use a vertical monitor, you need to rotate the PC screen and change the orientation to portrait mode. This functionality can be useful for users who have two screens or need to arrange programs differently from traditional landscape orientation.

However, it is important to note that it has the ability to flip the computer screen. only available on devices that support this function without sacrificing navigability – it doesn’t include all laptops, for example.

The step-by-step process of rotating the PC screen varies depending on the computer’s operating system. Check out our tutorial to help you rotate your screen using different shortcuts in Windows!

What are the shortcuts in Windows to rotate the computer screen?

Computers with Intel processors are given keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen quickly. However, this feature may be disabled on your machine – follow these steps to enable it:

Intel-based computers have keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly rotate the screen. For Activate this function on your PC With Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system, you must:

  1. Open the search bar in Windows;
  2. Search for “Intel Graphics Command Center”;
  3. Open the software when found;
  4. Select “System”;
  5. Enable “Enable system hotkeys”.

You can now use the following keyboard shortcuts to rotate your PC screen:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow: 0º (landscape mode);
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow: 90º (vertical portrait mode);
  • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow: 180º (reverse landscape mode);
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow: 270º (reverse portrait mode).

How to rotate dual monitor PC screen in Windows?

If you’re using two monitors, you can: change the direction of each by following the steps below:

  1. Open Windows settings;
  2. access the “System” option;
  3. go to the “Display”;
  4. Select the monitor you want to change;
  5. Click the option you want under “Screen Orientation”.

By following these tips, your monitor can be used vertically or horizontally and you will have more mobility and space for certain tasks.

See how easy it is to change your computer’s screen orientation? With these tips, you optimize your workspaceadapt it in the way that suits you best!

Check out more hands-on tutorials on how to do this on your computer here, like the step-by-step tutorials where we teach you how to easily split your PC screen. to the next

Source: Tec Mundo

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