UFC President Dana White has confirmed that the alleged fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is an unacceptable move, but a very possible event. According to him, the opponents clearly and firmly expressed their intention to fight in the octagon. It came from the UFC against Las Vegas, no code is known.

Two top tech executives aren’t expected to have mobile skills, but the sights will be historic anyway. Dana White is already on the verge of raising hundreds of millions of dollars and breaking all levels of pay-per-view records. The event, if the history of its image, will go into.

However, there is a gradual development of ideas that account for its uselessness. First, Musk of the Western Manipulator reportedly often makes big statements, but ot comes from them. Secondly, for Zuckerberg there is no benefit from this state, it will not save his business from a slow graduation. In addition, the difference in weight class, ability and fitness allow you to determine the advantages of a more boating and athletic Tuckerberg, so it is unlikely that bets on connections will high.

Source: Tech Cult

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