As Elena Gershenzon, the founder of a cleaning company, says, house dust hides a whole “cocktail” of harmful substances that can adversely affect health. This mixture contains not only bacteria and plant pollen, but also fungi, mold spores, toxins and heavy metals. The main sources of dust in the home are windows, ventilation, shoes, clothing and even pets. Particularly high concentrations of dust accumulate on carpets, furniture, mattresses, curtains and soft toys.

Dust can also contain hazardous chemicals found in household items, household chemicals, and cosmetics. They can enter the house by air from the street and settle in the dust. It is important to note that house dust contains dust mites, which are not dangerous in themselves, but their excrement can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

To combat dust, it is recommended to carry out general cleaning in the apartment at least once a month. It is also important to regularly carry out wet cleaning, wiping surfaces, floors and indoor plants from dust. In this case, you should use safe detergents that do not contain harmful chemical compounds. It is also recommended to humidify the room air by getting rid of old and unnecessary things that can be a source of dust. It is also beneficial to use filter plants that will help purify the air from dust.

Source: Ferra

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