Analysts at Avito Rabota have calculated Barbie’s potential earnings in modern Russia. Having mastered the most profitable of the professions in which Barbie tried to “build a career”, he could receive a monthly income of 600 thousand rubles.

“Avito Rabota” calculated the potential earnings of Barbie in modern Russia

On the eve of the release of the Hollywood film “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the main roles, Avito Rabota calculated how much Barbie could earn in modern Russia.

According to service specialists, the professions in which Barbie tried to “make a career” (the types of dolls that appeared for sale) make up 62% of all specialties on the labor market at the moment. The most profitable are (in different cities of Russia and at different times of the year):

  1. fashion designer – before 100 thousand rubles per month;
  2. vet – before 180 thousand rubles per month;
  3. cook – before 300 thousand rubles per month;
  4. computer game developer 400 thousand rubles per month;
  5. dentist – before 600 thousand rubles per month.

Previously, “Auto Work” calculated potential earnings in Russia heroes “Harry Potter” and editorit has the abilities of a neural network.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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