Discover the most recommended wired and MFi certified headphones on the market.

Apple continues to resist the implementation of USB-C ports in its iPhone smartphone lineup. While iPad products have had a USB-C port for several years now, the latest iPhone models have a Lightning port and a Lightning to USB-C cable is included in the box, although the battery charger is sold separately.

However, Apple also does not include the EarPods earphones found in the boxes of previous generation iPhone models, although the charging cable is included. Therefore, if an iPhone user needs new earphones, they must purchase them separately.

If you are planning to buy headphones and do not want to buy AirPods or AirPods Pro, you are in the right place. In this buying guide, we invite you to find out what they are. best lightning wired headphones and MFI certified.

What does MFi mean?

First of all, we will explain what the abbreviation MFi means and what the MFi certification consists of for headphones, controls and other accessories.

The abbreviation stands for MFI “Made for iPhone” (Made For iPhone) and its certification are awarded to third-party products that Apple accepts. In the meantime, it’s a very valuable thing considering how the company with the bitten apple logo is dealing with the tech ecosystem and marketing strategy.

Lightning headphones and MFi certified

Headphones Stereo MFi Lightning

If you’re looking for headphones with Lightning connectors and MFi certification, Dairle’s Earphone Stereo headphones are one of the best options you can find on Amazon.

they cost €18,98It is made of TPE and has built-in microphone, high-quality DAC chip and Noise Canceling. It full compatibility with all iPhone models and is specially designed for the human cochlear structure. Its tips are made of silicone, which helps isolate ambient noise. They are available in black only.

Headphones HiTune UGREEN

Probably the most professional Lightning port headphones you can find. Alternative to popular brand UGREEN costs 29.99 € and is certified Made For iPhone.

They are available in black, have high quality sound, 3 silicone padsa playback control panel and is made of a lightweight silicone material and metallic surfaces. Without a doubt, highly recommended.

Sports Magnetic Lightning Headphones

We continue our collection of headphones with alternative Lightning connectors for athletes. These are headphones with a very modern design and a striking electric blue color.

they cost 29.99 € and MFi license, Lightning connector, Noise Cancelingpremium sound, single cable braided nylon and adjustable rabbit wings. It should also be noted that they are available in blue, gray and pink.

Palovue Lightning Headphones

Lightning headphones from Palovue are officially MFi certified by Apple and cost €17.39. It has a built-in MEMS microphone and a controller for accepting calls, playing music, and activating the Siri virtual assistant.

They offer very good sound quality. noise isolation and 10mm dynamic drivers in each ear. They are compatible with all iPhone models on the iPhone 7 and are available in black and white. In addition, there are other versions with 35 mm jack connectors.

Beamingnet Lightning Headphones

We continue our list of headphones with Lightning connectors with our Beamingnet brand product. These are earphones with a very interesting design, as they certainly resemble the AirPods Pro. They are compatible with a wide variety of iPhone models, so you should have no problems connecting these earphones to your smartphone. Lightning USB port.

In addition, how could it be otherwise, Beamingnet headphones have a control panel for raising and lowering the volume, pausing playback, and playing the next or previous track. On the other hand, these are just the cheapest earbuds you can find on Amazon. €8,99. The only downside, apparently, is that you need to have Bluetooth enabled to connect the headphones, according to the spec.

Juzoxeo MFi Certified Lightning Headphones

The Juzoxeo brand has released headphones with Lightning connectors and a design very similar to the original Apple EarPods. they cost €10.99, Lightning connector and MFi certified. Also, the sound quality very positive comments by Amazon users.

The headphone cable has a built-in microphone and playback control panel. They are ultra-light and have an ergonomic and in-ear design. They are compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

In addition to these…

And if you already have your own headphones but have a 35mm jack connector, we have an option that will let you connect the headphones to the iPhone’s Lightning port. As you know, Apple has removed the jack connector from the latest iPhone generations, but it is still possible to connect headphones with a 35 mm jack through an adapter.

Of course, how could it be otherwise, the company with the bitten apple logo sells a 35mm jack to Lightning port adapter, but there are slightly cheaper alternatives like this adapter from the Tech Sense Lab brand on Amazon. €7,99 which has very good ratings by users.

collection so far MFi certified headphones with Lightning port compatibility of Apple’s iPhone series. These are very interesting alternatives, some cheaper, some more expensive, with better sound quality and user experience.

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