Investment holding company Obonato and digital products developer Avenue Media have launched the Cold Road service, an Obonato representative told RB.RU. The platform will allow companies to optimize cold logistics between the Far East and other regions of Russia and save up to 30% on costs.

A service has appeared in Russia for the inexpensive delivery of goods between the Far East and other regions.

The partners invested about 30 million rubles in the project. It is aimed at medium, large and small companies that need cold transport delivery. These are sellers of fish and seafood, meat and dairy products, ice cream, vegetables, berries and wild plants, as well as sellers of pharmaceuticals.

With the help of the service, companies will be able to reserve a place for cargo with carriers online and track its movement. It is reported that companies will be able to save up to 30% when ordering platform spaces and transportation.

You can book both large multi-truck shipments of goods and small ones from a pallet on the truck.

Through the platform, entrepreneurs can choose a trusted carrier and a suitable flight, book a pallet of up to 1 ton (1.2 x 0.8 m euro, height up to 1.75 m) on a truck and pay for it. Each machine, designed for 20 tons and 33 pallets, will be kept at a temperature of -18°C.

The app will also generate a rating of the carriers based on the ratings of the cargo owners.


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Source: RB

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