The moon is attracting scientists’ attention as both an object of scientific research and a transit point in humanity’s future mission to Mars. Anton Alekseev, General Manager of Aerospace Corporation “New Space” and expert of the National Technology Initiative “Aeronet”, expressed a similar opinion.

He emphasized that the Moon represents an important resource for mining and serves as an important stage for further progress towards the exploration of Mars. The launch of the Luna-25 mission is of particular importance, as it is a symbolic restart of the native lunar program.

Luna 25’s scientific mission will focus on the study of water resources on the Moon. The Russian research neutron detector LEND has detected water ice in the polar regions of the Moon. Now the ADRON-L neutron detector installed on the Luna-25 will be able to make more accurate measurements. This could be important for future manned missions, as water could be an important resource for future manned bases on the Moon.

The launch of the Luna-25 mission is scheduled for August 11 from the Vostochny cosmodrome. The device will explore the south pole of the moon and will operate throughout the year. This mission will be the first modern domestic device to go to our natural satellite. The probe’s launch aims to explore the moon’s south pole and develop soft landing technology.

Source: Ferra

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