As the main supplier of OLED displays for mobile devices in the market, Samsung is preparing to make a major breakthrough in this component with its production. frameless OLED panels for mobile phones. Details on the new technology were released by leaker Revegnus on Thursday (17).

The leaker shared in his profile on the social network X a slide from an internal presentation of the South Korean manufacturer, where it is possible to see any image of frameless panels. The innovation is described by the brand as “Full screen everywhere” with free translation.

As the nomenclature indicates, the new screen will completely wrap the entire front of the smartphone without the need for a border. It will also have 3D lamination technology and independent brightness control for the region where the frame would normally be, according to the descriptions that can be seen on the slide.

The zero-edge panel sits alongside Samsung’s other next-generation displays with different kinds of solutions to suit their customers. For example, there is a traditional notched display typically used in entry-level mobile phones, and a pill-notched panel used in newer models.

Apple may launch technology

According to this SamMobile, Apple may be the first to launch a new bezel-less OLED display developed by Samsung.. Recently, news broke that the Cupertinou giant is asking suppliers to develop a completely frameless panel for future iPhones.

While this type of technology is far from available yet, the first response to Apple’s request may be “Full screen everywhere” technology. The American company had requested the development of the same type of screen from LG Display.

Again, according to the publication, the absence of edges on the panel may facilitate the spread of camera technology under the screen. Cell phones that adopt the design are likely to not have any holes or cutouts to house the photo and video sensors.

Source: Tec Mundo

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