In September 2023, the Moscow Stock Exchange intends to launch a perpetual futures contract for the site’s index. They provide the opportunity to participate in the price movement of the entire market without the need to buy individual shares and the risk of delivery of the underlying asset.

The Moscow stock exchange will launch futures on its main index

To participate in the price movement of the forex market it is not mandatory to physically buy the currency. You can hold or open a short position using perpetual currency futures. It has no expiration, it is a one-day contract and is automatically extended by one day every day, said the head of the futures market, Maria Patrikeeva, reports Vedomosti.

  • On July 3, the Moscow Stock Exchange began trading premium options for currency pairs: the US dollar – the ruble, the euro – the ruble, and the Chinese yuan – the ruble.
  • Previously, the site started trading gold futures in rubles. Contracts with execution in September and December of the current year, as well as in March and June of the following year, will be admitted to negotiation. One lot will equal one gram of gold. The estimate of the price increase is 10 kopecks, the cost of the price increase is 10 kopecks.
  • In mid-June, the Moscow Stock Exchange launched a beta version of Trade Radar, an analogue of the Bloomberg terminal. The information resource will help investors to receive relevant data on the state of the stock market, perform technical analysis and view the history of transactions.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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