Cloud game streaming service GFN.RU has announced its closure.

It will stop working on October 1st. The reasons are the impossibility of maintaining high quality in the current conditions. From September 1, registration in the service for new users will close, and from October 1, the servers will stop working.

Since its launch in October 2019, GFN.RU has set itself the goal of bringing the best and most advanced gaming technologies to the Russian market. Millions of gamers have tried cloud gaming and have come to the conclusion that any device can be a gaming device. You don’t need an external gadget for games, any one will do, be it a smartphone, tablet or even a regular TV. We made the service accessible to everyone with the transition to a subscription and offered a higher cost for game ads.

Games have always been our passion, which we shared with you. The passion for games has made it possible to create a world-class service where you can find the best games, the latest technology and the best gaming experience. In the current circumstances, we cannot provide the quality service that we have established for ourselves and that we expect and that brings value to our users.

Starting September 1, 2023, we will close registration on GFN.RU for new users and stop selling subscriptions for 30, 180, and 365 days.

From October 1, 2023, our servers will stop working.

Thanks everyone for a great game!

All users with subscriptions active after October 1, 2023 received a refund. The money is promised to be automatically returned to the reserve card. The whole process may be delayed until October 15 due to the large number of applications.

Source: Iphones RU

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