In 2001, communication revolved around television. Digital media was taking its first steps and had not yet dreamed of live broadcasts. There were no social networks like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. And if few people had a cell phone, never dream of a built-in camera. Without these platforms How did the Internet report the September 11 attacks?

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Using the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine, we went back 20 years to explore how the Internet portals of major American media reported events that affected not only the United States but the entire world.

US under attack –

CNN/Internet Archive Capture

“The US is under attack.” Thus, the American network CNN reported about the terrorist attacks. The site said that when the first of two planes crashed into the World Trade Center (WTC), a “horrific and apparently coordinated terrorist attack” against the United States began.

“Terror has struck at the heart of the security of the United States,” he said in one of the special sections, where CNN offered some of the most comprehensive reporting of the day, with a timeline of events, national and international reactions, photos, video and audio.

Coverage by

Terrorists attack New York and Washington – The New York Times

New York Times Cover - 9/11 Attacks Archive Takeover

New York Times It is the main newspaper of the Big Apple, and as such it was one of the privileged witnesses to the events of September 11th. “Terrorists attack New York and Washington,” was the title of the main article in the digital edition. The information was accompanied by secondary notes warning of the possibility of hundreds of casualties and chaos in Manhattan.

In addition to accompanying the report with videos, photos and infographics, the newspaper also provided public information such as a list of emergency phone numbers, blood donation centers in the city and information about schools.

New York Times coverage

Hell engulfs New York – The Washington Post

Washington Post - 9/11 attacks
Internet Archive

The day after the tragedy digital edition Washington Post It noted that the attackers unleashed “a shocking air attack on centers of U.S. military and financial power, killing hundreds and possibly thousands.” Like other media outlets, it also reported evidence against Osama bin Laden and collected evidence from telephone calls from passengers on crashed planes.

Washington Post coverage

Terrorism hits home – CBS News

CBS Cover - 9/11 Attacks
Internet Archive Capture

CBS News also provided extensive coverage of what it called “one of the worst days” in the United States. “Terrorists are launching a devastating synchronized attack on American soil, against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing thousands of Americans,” he said.

The portal implemented an interactive special edition that showed the sequence of events, maps of the attacks, photographs, videos and a profile of Osaba bin Laden.

CBS News Coverage

A wave of terror rocks the nation – USA Today

USA Today Cover - 9/11 Attacks
Internet Archive Capture

With a warning from then-President George W. Bush to “punish those responsible,” the digital edition USA today It gives an account of the destruction caused by the attackers. “There are fears that thousands of people have died as a result of the coordinated attacks,” the site admitted. This also included the first US suspicions about Osaba bin Laden and the impact on air travel.

USA Today coverage

Suicide planes hit World Trade Center – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Cover - 9/11 Attacks
Internet Archive Capture

He called the digital edition “a terrible sequence of destruction.” Los Angeles Times terrorist attacks. It also included statements from then-President George W. Bush assuring that freedom would be protected and support from world leaders. In other notes, he emphasized that “icons of the American dream” had been destroyed and reported the impact of the incident on many activities.

Los Angeles Times coverage

United States under siege – The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Cover – 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Internet Archive Capture

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The American financial newspaper also provided special coverage of the events. “The United States under siege” was the name of the special operation. WSJ, in which he offered a complete list of WTC workers. In addition to announcing the stock market closure, it warned of the negative consequences of this event for the US financial system and the economic recovery of Europe.

Wall Street Journal coverage

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