Yandex filed a lawsuit with the Intellectual Rights Court against the Swiss luxury housing operator Ultima Capital, the subject of the dispute is the Ultima trademark registered in the name of this company, Kommersant reports.

Yandex intends to obtain the rights to the Ultima trademark in Russia through the courts

A Russian company wants to achieve the abolition of trademark protection for four out of five classes of services. Yandex intends to use the word Ultima in the areas of car rental and food supply, as well as in other services: hotel management, temporary rental real estate services and beauty salons.

The court left the Russian holding company’s claim pending until September 28 for formal reasons. Ultima Capital did not respond to the newspaper’s request.

Yandex told the publication that it had already discussed with Ultima Capital the conditions of use of the Ultima brand, given that the companies are engaged in “different types of activities in different countries.” A representative of the company assures that filing a claim with the SIP is a legal procedure.

“As a result of the discussion, an agreement should be reached, but the formal deadline for its signature ended at the end of August. At that time we did not have time to discuss all the details, so in order to continue negotiating we had to file a lawsuit,” Yandex reported.

The Russian company uses the Ultima brand in Yandex Go services to designate the ordering of a taxi with a higher level of comfort and the delivery of food in restaurants. In the field of real estate rental and tourism, Yandex has the services Yandex.Rent and Yandex.Travel.


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Source: RB

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