Specializing in Chinese tool manufacturing, MEtool Diamond Tools has been offered on Kickstarter with a multi-functional version of the Bullet pen, the Bullet Ant 2.0, with an investment cost of just $10.

The new Corpus Christi was sold in sandblasted grade 5 titanium. The length of Bullet Ant 2.0 is 120 mm, the pen does not need to be refilled, and it writes on any surface. “Tool” with support for Bullet Ant 2.0 – a two-bit inverted pencil case, suitable for repairing glasses, watches, mechanisms and even personal weapons. I will write about the special body of the wolf in a blog; in this article it can also be used to break glass in an extreme situation and for self-defense.

Bullet Ant 2.0 is currently available on Kickstarter as a Super Early Bird for $70. Price 80$.

Source: Tech Cult

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