Dental university Thamires Norberto went viral on Twitter after describing a cell phone theft that turned into a bank account invasion and a loss of BRL 7,000. managed to recover some of the stolen money. HE Nubankthe bank with which you have an account, returned 6,390 BRL to the young woman and waits for it to be paid back by the rest Mercado Pagos.

The smartphone of the student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) was taken last Saturday (28), and the thieves were able to access their account within minutes. Considering that Thamires holds different passwords, due to its ease of access, financial institutions accused of security breaches and negligence.

Thamires’ boom on social media caught the attention of many. in conversation with TecMundo this Tuesday (31), he even revealed that representatives of Nubank and Mercado Pago only contacted him after the case had received a lot of attention.

“On Saturday and Sunday they [Nubank e Mercado Pago] They just send me automated messages. “Calls from Mercado Pago were cut off and they didn’t return, so I had to call and repeat everything, I kept reliving everything several times,” he said.

The college student said he had “hell all weekend” because he didn’t get a satisfactory response from the companies. He had trouble proving that he was the victim of the story, despite having the chip and accounts blocked and filing a complaint with the police.

As of now, Thamires expects a refund of R$610 from Mercado Pago. This was money he had stashed as a cashier at an online store he ran with a friend.


Carioca said he got a call from Nubank yesterday afternoon and the representative said the analysis was complete. account has been released and R$6,390 has been refunded.

“The prevailing feeling is that what is ours is worth taking,” he said. Although relieved that Nubank investigated and resolved the case, Fintech’s lag in delivering quality service disappointingbecause he had to resort to social networks to get a satisfactory response.

“I was also saddened by the numerous reports I’ve read and seen, it’s not a one-time issue, it’s recurring. I hope they fix this whole security issue and our money will be protected much better than the lack of bureaucracy,” he said.

Other side

HE TecMundo He questioned Nubank about the refund, and the company confirmed that it had reimbursed the student without going into further details on the matter.

In a note, Mercado Pago stated that “as soon as he became aware of the case, he contacted the user by phone and signaled that he had started negotiations. Once this was done, analysis of what was happening among the financial institutions involved in the flow began.”

Mercado Pago also said it will contact the customer today (01) to “return and resolve any doubts”.

PagSeguro, who received one of the university’s money transfers, noted in a note that it “followed strict security standards”. “In the particular case, as soon as we became aware of the issue via Twitter, PagBank PagSeguro tried to contact the student via Twitter to get more information and find relevant accounts, but so far no response. The company is waiting for contact from the student to analyze the case and evaluate the measures,” he said.

*Article updated on 06/01/2022 at 10:05 with notes from Nubank and Mercado Pago.

*Article updated on 06/01/2022 at 11:50 am by PagSeguro.

Source: Tec Mundo

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