During an event held this Wednesday (27), Meta reveals more details of Meta Quest 3 mixed reality glasses. By brand, The device promises immersive experiences for both entertainment and productivity.

“Meta Quest 3 features innovative mixed reality that allows for a variety of experiences. “You can play a virtual piano on your coffee table or open a portal to another dimension in your living room,” explains the product description.

Switching between realities will occur when the user double-taps the side of the headset. With this, a person can superimpose virtual elements on top of the real physical environment in which he finds himself.

Excellent performance and display power

Meta Quest 3 features a redesigned look that supports personalized fit for each user. Offering more comfort, the device has a balanced weight and even allows you to use it with glasses.

As previously announced, the headset uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform. In addition to loading software faster, device produces more detailed images with 10x more pixels compared to the previous generation.

Meta Quest 3 adopts an infinity display with 4K+ resolutionAn almost 30% increase in image quality compared to the Quest 2. According to the brand, this guarantees an even more “spectacular” experience by merging realities.

Expanding immersion, the accessory promises greater sound clarity with improved bass. Another standout feature is spatial audio support for movies, TV series, VR games and virtual meetings.

Meta Quest 3 promises an enhanced experience for all audiences.

How much does Meta Quest 3 cost?

According to information obtained, Meta Quest 3 will be the first mixed reality headset produced for the “mass market”. With pre-sale starting today (27), The device will be available in US stores on October 10.

The version of the gadget with 128 GB of internal space starts at $ 499.99 (about R $ 2,535 before taxes in the current direct conversion). The recommended price of the model with 512 GB storage is $649.99 (R$3,295).

Until now, Meta hasn’t announced plans to launch mixed reality headset in Latin American markets. Therefore, the product should not officially reach Brazil.

Source: Tec Mundo

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