Yesterday was a big day for Apple as it presented the evolution of many of the operating systems its computers use (and even showcased new laptops). One of the remarkable developments was the following. iOS 16to be used by iPhoneand surprisingly something was discovered that was not mentioned, but could be very useful for users. We tell you what happened.

The new functionality is about offering support for using some accessories that it didn’t offer until now. compatibility With smartphones of the Cupertino company. We’re talking about the controls currently used with Switch, Nintendo’s most up-to-date console on the market. In this way, those who combine the new version of the operating system announced yesterday with an iPhone will be able to use it to play celebrities. joy Cons. Great news, isn’t it?

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According to what is known from the source of the information, it is none other than Twitter user Testut who is responsible for the creation of the Nintendo Delta emulator that can be run on iOS (and therefore knows something). about), also professional model controller It offers compatibility with iPhones running the latest iteration of Apple’s operating system. And that’s very positive, because we’re talking about an accessory with a more traditional mod than the ones included with the Switch.

Do these controls work well on iPhones?

Well, tests have already been done and it seems that everything works perfectly because we are talking about devices that use it. Bluetooth technology to synchronize. So, for example, for the management of everything related to this wireless interface, it is possible to customize its operation in the menu available in iOS 16. In addition, there is the possibility to make dynamic changes to the controls simply by pressing the combination of the Home and screenshot keys.

So, considering that the developer himself has stated that there are no compatibility issues with the latest iPhones, it seems like this could be a great option. get more and better of controls Nintendo Switch console along with Apple phones. It doesn’t sound bad at all.

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The truth is, this new option, coming thanks to iOS 16, expands the possibility that has been on iPhones since 2021, allowing you to wirelessly and fully use the controls of Xbox X and PS5 consoles with phones, and you get better that way. results while playing.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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