There is no doubt that podcasts are attracting more and more public attention. Proof of this is that the DataReportal 2023 report states: Brazil is at the top of the list of countries that consume the most podcast content in the world.42.9% of internet users.

However, to be successful in this field, it is not enough to just turn on the microphone and start talking. Podcasting is an art, and it’s important to understand who is listening to your work and how the audience interacts with it; because this will help you make decisions that will increase your fan base. Whether you’re planning your content calendar or finding a different way to promote a new section.

If you’re interested in going this route, check out Spotify’s 4 tips below for attracting new fans, whether you’ve just launched a podcast or already have followers.

1. Use audience data as a reference for your decisions

Analyzing metrics is an important step in measuring the success of your project.

Spotify shows aggregated demographic and geographic data about your target audience. This means you can control gender and age range, as well as the region where people are listening to your podcast.

This accurate data serves as a guide for the type of content you create and the way you promote the program.

2. Revisit what works when planning new content

Having a content plan will help you move further along in the creative process.

HE Spotify for podcasters images ThisThe most played episodes in the selected time period. Knowing which segments are performing particularly well will guide you to continue producing content that listeners love.

3. Measure episode retention to increase average airtime

With second-by-second analysis of how many listeners stay tuned during an episode, you can determine which parts of your show are most engaging and which have opportunities for growth.

Revisiting abandonment periods also takes the guesswork out of deciding what worked and what didn’t to improve future episodes. Also, if the episode’s retention is strongest at a particular time, consider creating a clip to promote it on social media.

It’s worth remembering that you can access all tracking and measurement tools for your podcast using the podcast app on your smartphone or computer. Spotify for podcasters.

4. Spread your podcast content on social media

Promoting your content on social media is the best way to attract more viewers.

Social media is the best place to connect with people who have the same interests as you and build your audience. Content can spread very quickly on these platforms. Even if you don’t have many followers. Your strategy could be something as simple as commenting on relevant news.

Once your podcast goes live, share a 30-60 second clip of your favorite part of the episode. Many successful podcasters do this to “splash” rather than publish the whole thing. Don’t forget to include a link to the full episode!

Take advantage of these tips and watch your project grow bigger and bigger each day until it reaches the success you dream of. Good luck on your journey!

Source: Tec Mundo

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