YouTube is developing a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to alter creators’ voices and can even “transform” YouTubers into famous singers.

According to this BloombergThe service allows the user to sing in a video and use an artificially generated tone that closely resembles an industry celebrity (such as rapper Drake) instead of their own voice.

For now, there is no video showing how the mechanism works, but the sources referenced by the original report are: claim the vehicle is ready It may even be announced in September this year.

Wanted, The company did not comment on the matter.. Accordingly, record companies Bloombergwould be willing to talk about licensing these rights. Negotiations are ongoing but kept secret and there are no details regarding the current phase of this project.

Dilemmas of AI voices on YouTube

But before implementation, YouTube needs to examine copyright and music industry issues.

Copying and reproducing singers’ voices requires permission from these individuals and the record companies that hold the rights to these artists’ songs. YouTube is currently negotiating with some names in the industry to provide access to these materials and improve the service’s algorithm.

The platform recently announced that it wants to pay artists for AI-powered music, but is looking for ways to balance legal issues with the use of artificially produced material. For example, Spotify removed songs created by an algorithm that violated any rights.

Content generation technology will also be used in the video service to automatically create backgrounds and summarize content, especially in Shorts format.

Source: Tec Mundo

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