By Sylvia Bellio.

A new topic attracts attention and is on the agenda of innovation and technology. Artificial Intelligence is new in the technological market and is an investment option for many other sectors seeking benefits and optimizing various services. However, this tool has become vital in the conflict between Israel and Palestine in recent days.

On the 7th, the world witnessed the intensification of the old conflict. Following the attack on Israelis by the militant group Hamas, the Jewish State began to continuously bomb the Gaza Strip. In addition to hostages, thousands of victims were collected from both regions in the conflict.

In the midst of this devastating scenario, technology is helping Israelis locate more than a thousand missing people. Hundreds of professionals temporarily left their jobs for a volunteer initiative led by Karine Nahon.

Volunteers based in Tel Aviv set up a command center to analyze images and videos – including those released by Hamas itself – to obtain any relevant information to identify the group and pass it on to the Israeli government.

Using facial and voice recognition as well as artificial intelligence, experts are trying to locate those missing after the attacks through clothing or recognizable features.

How does artificial intelligence technology work to help Hamas search for hostages?

In an exclusive interview with TecmundoCybersecurity expert and CEO Sylvia Bellio explains how the technology Israel uses works. “The tool uses data migration through photos, videos or real-time images to identify a person based on their unique characteristics.”

Considered a biometric security technology, the resource uses algorithms and artificial intelligence software to identify a person’s features and track patterns on people’s faces. “Facial recognition verifies whether biometric patterns match the identity,” explains Bellio.

Voice recognition is performed from: Analysis of sound waves produced by a person. “The waves are individual and form a spectrogram, which is a kind of photograph of your voice created through mathematical calculations,” says the expert.

In these cases, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, the information in the database is compared with the new information they want to analyze. “The larger this database, the more accurate the AI ​​and its results,” explains the expert.

“Despite the unfortunate situation, it is important to use technology for good,” says Sylvia about the hostage rescue

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Sylvia Bellio is the CEO and Co-Founder of, which has been named the Top Dell Technologies Sales Channel four years in a row. Organizer of the Tell Your Story Project, which aims to promote and share the stories of real-life women. The first book of the project was published in 2020: Mulheres Além do Obvio.

Source: Tec Mundo

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