Recently, an investigation in California was settled after the incident. cameras from someone tesla capture images of a who is guilty Damaged cars in the area. The video recorded exactly that moment of the malicious person. uses keys to draw electric vehicle – vandalism allegedly done for profit.

The Tesla owner’s wife believes the culprit moved in by scratching random victims’ cars in order to damage the paintwork and get more jobs for the auto body repair shop. After the incident, the person was taken by the police to clarify what happened, but the reasons were not explained in detail.

Repairing the damage to the electric vehicle costs an average of US$4,800 (about R$23,000 at current price), with the culprit scratching more than one car in the video. definitely, TeslaCam saved other drivers in the region from taking risks in their vehicles.

watch mode

As soon as the criminal began to scratch the superstructure, the vehicle began to move. Sentry Mode (Sentry Mode) From Tesla, which activates the car’s central locking, alarm and TeslaCam in an integrated branded app. The security system is activated when the driver leaves the vehicle parked somewhere.

After being alerted by Sentinel Mode, the owner of the electric vehicle noticed scratches on the hood and discovered what had happened while watching TeslaCam videos. So he searched for the criminal’s vehicle in the same parking lot, until he found it and called the police.

Source: Tec Mundo

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