The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation opened proceedings against Alfa Bank for illegible footnotes in a credit card advertisement. This is stated in the department’s message.

FAS opened a case against Alfa Bank for illegible footnotes in advertising

It is reported that in the bank’s advertising video information about the free credit card service was announced in large print, and the footnote said: “Service in the first year – 0 rubles, from the second – 990 rubles “.

At the same time, the form and timing of the demonstration of the explanatory footnotes did not allow them to perceive their text in its entirety, notes the FAS.

The ad also claimed that “Alfa Bank is the best mobile bank” and the footnote said: “according to Markswebb.” “However, she [сноска] was presented in a way that was difficult to understand in a short period of time,” explains the antitrust service.

The FAS also revealed that the information about instant delivery of the card to any point in Russia is not true.

If the bank is found guilty, the FAS will impose a fine on Alfa Bank.

Previously, the FAS fined Pochta Bank first 500 thousand rubles and then another 400 thousand for demonstrating a controversial promotion in which clients were offered a low interest rate on a loan.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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