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The Chinese government aims to become a leader in robotics before 2027 as it wants to start mass production by 2025. humanoid robotsto start doing mechanical work at an industrial level.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which oversees the country’s industrial sector, published a nine-page guideline on its website on Thursday, November 2, saying that Chinese humanoid robots should be “mass produced by 2025.”

This was reported to MIIT. China will aim to “create an innovative humanoid robot system, advance several key technologies and ensure the safe and efficient supply of key components” by 2025.

By 2027, humanoid robots should “become the new main driver of economic growth” in China, the ministry said.

The document required that by then, “the technological innovation of humanoid robots has been greatly improved, a safe and reliable industrial supply chain system has been formed, an industrial ecology with international competitiveness has been built, and our comprehensive power has reached an advanced level.” peace.”

According to South China Morning: “The document is China’s latest attempt to accelerate the development of the local robotics industry and promote technological self-sufficiency in the face of fierce competition with the United States in key technology areas such as chip production.”

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