Cyberpunk 2077 launched with High textures and Medium preset. The average frame rate in the game was 84 fps with the i5-8400 and 111 fps with the i3-12100F, with very rare cases of 43 fps and 58 fps respectively.

Red Dead Redemption 2 came with Ultra textures, the rest parameters were High, TAA was Medium. The average FPS was 86 fps (with i5-8400) and 102 fps (with i3-12100F), in extremely rare cases FPS – 52 fps and 59 fps.

In Counter-Strike 2, average performance at the lowest graphics settings was 231 fps (i5) and 253 fps (i3). In very rare cases we managed to get 82fps and 84fps respectively.

Forza Horizon 5 tested with ultra preset and TAA. Average FPS was 128fps (i5-8400) and 132fps (i3-12100F), with 68fps and 87fps respectively in very rare cases.

Spider-Man was running at very high graphics settings with TAA. Average performance was 92fps (i5) and 115fps (i3), with 34fps and 32fps respectively in extremely rare events.

Starfield came with a medium preset. The average frame rate in this game was 52 fps and 59 fps (with the i5-8400 and i3-12100F), in extremely rare cases 22 fps and 31 fps.

Witcher 3 came with the Ultra, HBAO+, SSR Low, TAAU preset. The average FPS was 81 fps (with i5-8400) and 110 fps (with i3-12100F), in very rare cases FPS – 28 fps and 48 fps.

Overall the i3-12100F performed better in all games. If we compare the average performance, the difference between the i3-12100F and the i5-8400 was 18% (127 fps and 108 fps respectively).

In addition to the i5-8400 and i3-12100F processors, the test bench also included an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. In DaVinci and Cinebench R20 tests, the i3-12100F processor turned out to be faster than its rival.

Source: Ferra

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