HE Chrome OS Flexible An operating system from Google for those who want the basics to access the Internet and perform daily tasks. The free-to-download solution has a number of the company’s native apps and is not compatible with most common software in the Windows ecosystem.

Compared with Windows 11With Microsoft’s current system, the issues are bigger and Chrome OS Flex seems rather limited, both in terms of features and compatibility with everyday apps. It’s also a good option for those with a more modest computer, though a lack of resources can hold back more experienced users.

Below, TecMundo provides a list comparing the different aspects between Chrome OS Flex and Windows 11. Download the system from Google.

fewer apps

While Windows 11 provides wide compatibility with software running on Windows 10, the same cannot be said for Chrome OS Flex. Google’s operating system has a very limited range of apps that only run the company’s native apps.

Therefore, users who use professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, or more common programs such as Microsoft Office and Skype will have to choose another operating system to run their applications.

Chrome-focused experience

As mentioned earlier, Chrome OS Flex focused on native Google apps. However, it will be necessary to migrate those who use common software on Windows or have to resort to web versions that work limitedly in browsers.

Single Driver

For example, those who are accustomed to using Microsoft’s Office suite will have to use the browser version or read texts, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. they will have to switch to Google Docs, a set of similar tools for editing. And for those using the One Drive service for cloud storage, you’ll have to switch to Google Drive, which even has a native app on the system.

Limitations for games

Chrome OS Flex is not a recommended system for PC gamers in general. first, he Does not have the same compatibility as Windows 11 for these softwares to work. Another problem is that major virtual stores like Steam, Epic Games Store and Battle.net don’t have versions for Google’s system.


The only way is to resort to games that run in browsers or via the cloud. Fortnite, for example, recently won a version for the Xbox Cloud service, in which it is possible to play the game through the browser and absolutely for free. However, in order to play the game in the cloud version, it is still necessary for the PC to have compatible hardware.


Another issue with Chrome OS Flex compared to Windows 11 is compatibility with certain accessories and peripherals. Although Google’s system can be installed on older laptops and PCs, it may not recognize some external storage devices such as CD/DVD players and flash drives and hard drives.

DVD reader

It can also be a problem when installed on Macs. In some cases even the trackpad is not recognized by the system, making it necessary to resort to common accessories to use it properly. That’s why it’s worth checking the list of recommended computers for Chrome OS Flex before performing any installation.

No Android app

Although developed and distributed by Google, Chrome OS Flex Interestingly Has No Compatibility With Android Apps. While Windows 11 itself implements mobile system software support, Chrome doesn’t even have a Play Store version.

Google Play store

So the solution is to settle for the few and limited native software Chrome OS Flex offers, and hope for new apps to be added in future updates.

But what about the advantages of Chrome OS Flex?

While Windows 11 has many more advantages over Chrome OS Flex, Google’s operating system has its own peculiarities. strong. to be the first completely freewithout the need for an activation key or subscription plan.

Chrome OS Flexible

And the other and perhaps the most important advantage is, Extremely lightweight for older computers. Windows 11 brings a host of features that require good hardware to run the system with minimal specs. already Chrome OS Flex does not require powerful processors and graphics cards to do the most basic functions.

Therefore, we can conclude that Windows 11 is still the default operating system and tends to remain the most used operating system in the world. Chrome OS Flex is a great alternative for those who have a modest computer and want to do basic daily tasks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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