Xiaomi has filed trademark applications for its new operating system, HyperOS. HyperMind and Xiaomi HyperMind are classified as scientific instruments by the patent office. In October the launch of a new operating system to replace the MIUI shell was announced.

Xiaomi has filed trademark applications for the new HyperOS operating system

Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has applied to the Chinese patent office to register several trademarks related to the HyperOS operating system. IT Home writes about this.

All trademarks submitted for registration (HyperOS Connect, HyperOs AI, Redmi Pengpai, HyperMind) are classified under international patent law as “scientific instruments”.

The post suggested that HyperMind will be a so-called smart hub that will collect and analyze user data.

Xioami founder Lei Jun announced the launch of a new operating system to replace the MIUI shell on all the brand’s devices. HyperOS will become a common system for home devices, gadgets and smart cars.


Kirill Bilyk

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