Brazilian Alex KipmanAccording to his website, one of the inventors of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens has resigned from the company (8) on Wednesday. Business Content. According to the publication, Curitiba (PR) scientist resigns after allegations of inappropriate behavior with some employees.

Microsoft has not confirmed the information, but GeekWire He received a copy of an internal email signed yesterday (7) by Scott Guthrie, head of cloud at Microsoft, in which he informed his subordinates: “We mutually decided it was the right time to leave the company for other opportunities”.

But the correspondence doesn’t mention allegations of misconduct and says Kipman will remain in the split for two months to help with the transition. With the departure of the Brazilian – who also developed the Kinect motion controller for Xbox – team will join the Windows + Devices organization led by Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay.

What is Alex Kipman accused of?

According to Microsoft sources, Business Content It states that more than 25 people participated in the preparation of an internal report on Kipman’s alleged misconduct. In addition to showing a video of “women in small clothes” in a pillow fight, the document reports incidents of unwanted touching. considered obscene by colleagues.

Kipman’s involvement is not an isolated case. from the insideclaims to be a pervasive pattern of abuse in the industry, including verbal abuse and sexual harassment. The Wall Street Journal recently claimed that “some issues in the HoloLens division” have caused at least 70 employees to leave Microsoft. 40 of them joined Meta.

Source: Tec Mundo

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