The S4 eVTOL aircraft, developed by Joby Aviation, launched a demonstration flight in New York. This was discovered after presenting the test poles in their current state to the pilot. The key to this demonstration is to speak, understand and understand.You are using electric vehicles.

The disadvantages were recorded at a press conference in Nizhny Novgorod. I’m Erica Adams. The mayor met with the ol-stria of prestabol here. The mayor said the city is committed to using new technologies in transportation in this area. Only one of the most popular cars.

The launch of eVTOL is a revolution in the field of public transportation. Air taxi reduces traffic, does not provide comfortable and fast flights at minimal cost over areas that are overpopulated, and their transport network is practically non-existent. It is emphasized that the use of such flying devices will be subject to noise regulations. If you have a maximum size of 500 meters, the S4 will not be able to do anything, e.g. 45 dBA.

We are talking about devices that do not have the same “research” and “noise refrigerator”. In addition, the video footage of this flight shows that passers-by sounded uncomfortable.

Source: Tech Cult

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