This time I will begin a review of personal history.

Just as I suffered from gadget mania, my grandfather loved to buy useful electronics for everyday use and was especially happy about new long-range flashlights. He said that it will shine far in the forest and will help during a power outage.

I didn’t share his craving for private things “just in case” until we were without light and heat for two days in one of the harsh winter blizzards of the Urals.

Then (zero) ultra-removable portable chargers like YUGRIN GS600 did not have. In fact, if the gadget from the review had been sold 15 years ago, it would have been in a prominent place in my family.

According to performance claims, the UGREEN GS600 can withstand 6 times more cycles than a conventional cell, can handle devices up to 1500W, and supports an application that does not require internet.

Let’s understand that below it is indicated that these strengths when replacing and in any circuit of the circuit an important battery can be irreplaceable.

Three advantages over the rest: double power, 3000 cycles and fast charging.

So, UGREEN GS600 is a portable charging station that can power a wide range of household devices at home, in the country and in the field.

Inside there are rooms with a total capacity of 680 Wh. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a capacity of 17 Wh, and the MacBook Air 13.2 has a capacity of 53 Wh. That is, it is designed for 40 smartphone charges, for example. Or, another option, for 3 hours of simultaneous operation with a TV, router, lamp and game console connected to it.

One of the key features was made Charger. The device goes from 0% to 80% in just 50 minutes, and to 100% in 90 minutes.

But I was more impressed that the generator supports electrolytes, kettles, hair dryers and refrigerators with power up to 1500 watts. The manufacturer says this is possible thanks to its own Ugreen technology. U-Turboinaccessible, according to them, to 99% percent of other stations in this class.

The company also claims that battery life will drop by 20% only after 3000 cycles instead of the traditional 500 cycles, an alternative.

We achieved this using LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate battery) cells. A similar type is used in Tesla.

Power supply is built-in, steel protection

The station is a monolithic box weighing 11.5 kg and dimensions 30.4 x 18.2 x 23.9 cm.

The internal frame is made of steel and protects the camera from impacts.

The outer covering is made of PC ABS V0 plastic, which is susceptible to fire – at a critical moment, to prevent the station from exploding its battery. The price and weight are the same.

All wires come without a power supply – it is already built-in


The cells themselves are located in the lower part, the upper part is responsible for cooling the system.

The power supply components are also located there. Thanks to this, there is no need to carry a separate unit with you, and therefore only the wires for its different ports come with the station. The station can be charged from a power outlet, car, or solar panel. Also included is a small bag for storing cables.

Additionally, you can purchase a carrier for storing and carrying the station with “pockets” for removing wires. Reminds me of a cooler bag because the inside has the same silver coating to dissipate heat.

There is a regular power outlet and USB ports

The front panel contains popular ports, buttons and a screen with information about various statuses. And also a flashlight with adjustable brightness.

The UGREEN GS600 screen shows the direction of the tank in the center: on the left it shows how much energy is being input, and on the right is the output. Both parameters are also duplicated in the format of the remaining time until charging and complete emptying.

The yellow ON/OFF key is responsible for turning on the gadget.

Under the display, four connectors are softened at once: two USB-C with a maximum power of 100 W each and two USB-A with a power of up to 22.5 W.

Car socket

AC outlets

To the right of the display is a car power outlet, and below it are two DC ports. Even lower is the DC button, it turns these connectors on and off.

On the right side of the battery there are two full AC outlets with a voltage of 250 V and a power of 600 W in normal condition and 1500 W thanks to the proprietary U-Turbo mode. To make these outputs work, you need to press the small button labeled AC located between them.

On the left side there are input ports to charge the battery either from the mains or from solar panels, which are sold separately. Charging cables are included.

The application works without a network

To start the connection, you need to press the IoT button under the flashlight.

The link and instructions for the application are indicated on the bottom box

The IoT (Internet of Things) button located under the flashlight is responsible for connecting to the application.

As a result, voltage appears, the remaining charge (in hours), energy is released to each port, and the energy saving mode, light, quiet mode, and U-Turbo technology are turned on.

Link to the UGREEN application with a QR code at the bottom of the box.


After logging into the application, you need to click “Add a new device.” After this, you need to double-click the IoT button to put the device into communication mode and select “Next” in the application.

You are prompted to select a connection method between WiFi And Bluetooth. A special like for the second option, in the forest or at home without electricity, access to the program is maintained.

As for Wi-Fi, it is important to consider that for connection you should select a network with a frequency of 2.4 Hz.

As mentioned above, there are many switches available in the application, which largely duplicate the activated buttons.

There’s even there is control emergency modeJust in case, save some of the charge of your smartphone and the built-in flashlight.

Universal “spare” for electronics

There are a lot of scenarios with such a battery. Especially if you take into account the support for a device whose power is up to 1500 W.

A power outage in a home is the simplest example. At such a moment, it will help return the Internet to the house if you connect it to a network router or mesh system, light, heat or coolness.

But this is if you take the device “just in case”. But in everyday life I instantly came up with heels.

For example, the UGREEN GS600 is useful in the countryside to repair the roof of a house with a screwdriver without pulling extension cords, use an electric saw to cut down an old apple tree, or punch holes in a hammer drill.

At an outdoor party, there will be no task of turning on the mini-fridge, opening the outside speaker and letting people power up their devices. At least plug in the coffee machine.

And, of course, a trip to a river or a forest can be greatly embellished with such a device. You can set up the grill without fire, turn on the lighting from a garland, and instantly heat up the kettle. Although it’s not the season now, he will definitely return.

UGREEN GS600 costs 42,500 rubles.

There is also a model YUGRIN GS1200 power 1200 W for those who lack the model from the review.

This giant can charge devices with a power of 2500 W with the same proprietary U‑Turbo prefix. A carrying bag is also sold separately at the station.

Looking at this, I remember the foul-smelling fuel alternatives, gasoline generators, which people brought to the river every now and then, and I thank progress for this, to replace the emerging environmentally friendly station, which, moreover, is noticeably more functional.

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