Su-75 “Mat”, design image

The fact is that since the UAC received a patent, it is limited to the promising domestic Su-75 fighter with a single power plant, also known as a manual with the ability to quickly replace the warhead.

According to the revealed documents, the new part of the upcoming “Checkmate” may not be easy to mention without the content of this article. The idea is one or two cabins, and a drone module e, which is mounted on the preliminary transitional capability of the fuselage, where they are also used in these cases, and are also divided into various interruption systems.

Su-75 basic

Since it is known in the patent, such a universal permission can be used as a patent.

The newest Su-75 has been announced for MAS 2021 and should be released today. This work “Checkmate” is similar to the Russian VSK and is promising. For this reason, MAKS-2023 also turned out to be a mass-produced Su-75.

Su-75 Su-75 “Mat”, design image

The length of the Su-75 pole is 2M, the length of the pole is reduced to n. 3000 km, and on board less than 7.5 tons of cargo. Control is also carried out using AFAR radar, optical and radio systems. equipment.

Source: Tech Cult

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