We are in the final weeks of 2023 and, as always, Google let me know What did you search for most during the year?. A list that is always useful to refresh your memory of the most important trends in the 12 months we are now wrapping up.

It is worth noting that these are the most popular queries on Google in Spain throughout 2023. This is a general look at the most prominent topics or those that have generated the most curiosity in the country, although in some cases they reflect global trends.

As usual, Google has published several specific lists of the most popular ones in the past year. In any case, the most general results can be seen in the “News” section, where “ChatGPT” took first place. And this is not particularly surprising.

Launched in November 2022, OpenAI’s chatbot has been in the news throughout 2023. Not only because of its merits and development, but also because it has also become a benchmark for comparing similar developments from other companies such as Bard, Google, and many others.

The second most popular search item was “Elections 2023”, regarding the electoral process that took place in July last year. Bye “Women’s Football World Cup” It was one of the top three searches on Google in 2023, which is significant given the allegiance to Spain in this competition.

Of course, the Women’s World Cup was one of the most popular searches on Google this year. “Blondes” ranks fourth in major news searches due to the scandal caused by the now former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation during the tournament’s awards ceremony.

In its turn, “Jenny Hermoso” And “Olga Carmona” They were one of the main searches among athletes. The former made international news for being kissed without consent by Luis Rubiales at an awards ceremony, while the latter scored in the final against England and also made headlines after learning of her father’s death after that match.

Most searched on Google in 2023

As we indicated earlier, Google has launched several lists of the most frequently used search queries in Spain this year, divided by category. We will share them below:


Chrome ChatGPT extension for OpenAI Microsoft desktop.  |  Most searched on Google in 2023
  1. ChatGPT
  2. Elections 2023
  3. Women’s World Cup
  4. Rubiales
  5. Israel
  6. Maria Teresa Campos
  7. Shakira
  8. Design
  9. Matthew Perry
  10. Martha Chavarri


  1. Design
  2. Jenny Hermoso
  3. Olga Carmona
  4. Sergio Ramos
  5. Salma Paralluelo
  6. Alexia Putellas
  7. Bellingham
  8. Nano Table
  9. Joselu
  10. Lamin Yamal

Television and series

Most searched on Google in 2023
Photo: Telechinko.
  1. Temptation Island
  2. Body on fire
  3. Last of us
  4. Survivors
  5. Alpha males
  6. the Grand Prix
  7. Promise
  8. One piece
  9. singer mask
  10. VIP big brother


Cillian Murphy in a scene from Christopher Nolan's film Oppenheimer
  1. Oppenheimer
  2. Barbie
  3. like animals
  4. Avatar 2
  5. Fast and Furious
  6. Titanic
  7. Megalodon 2
  8. My fault
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy 3
  10. Moon Killers


Shakira Pique song
  1. Shakira
  2. Maria Jimenez
  3. Tina Turner
  4. Carmen Seville
  5. Sinead O’Connor
  6. White dove
  7. Lauren
  8. Amaral
  9. Bruce Springsteen
  10. Inigo Quintero


Most searched on Google in 2023
  1. Serrano lemon
  2. Carnival ears
  3. Caipirinha
  4. Antequera baton
  5. Hakusai
  6. Fig jam
  7. Italian pizza dough
  8. Applesauce
  9. Quince
  10. Castilian soup


  1. How are elections going?
  2. How do I know if I’ve made it to the polling station?
  3. How to vote by mail
  4. How to request assistance in the amount of 200 euros
  5. How do I know where I need to vote?
  6. How to vote
  7. How to buy treasury bills
  8. How do I find out if I have received 200 euros in assistance?
  9. What is Pique’s girl’s name?
  10. How to request a vote by mail

What it is…?

Most searched on Google in 2023
Photo by Moni Mishil on Unsplash
  1. Amnesty
  2. Legality
  3. Botulism
  4. Hamas
  5. Synesthesia
  6. Bath
  7. League of Kings
  8. Kibbutz
  9. Sibo
  10. Surrogacy


Photo: Israel Defense Forces (public domain).
  1. Why is there war between Israel and Gaza?
  2. Why do people give yellow flowers on September 21?
  3. Why Twitter is called X
  4. Why are the elections early?
  5. Why is Salvame cancelled?
  6. Why doesn’t it rain
  7. Why Lara Alvarez is not in Survivors
  8. Why am I not getting my periods again?
  9. Why am I sweating so much?
  10. Why does Ramadan end?

Source: Hiper Textual

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