Beeper Mini’s iMessage support is working again, or nearly working. The app now lets you send messages through Apple’s messenger, but you have to sign in with your own Apple ID.

Previously, any user could chat in iMessage on Android; all they had to do was register their own phone number. However, Apple blocked the app last Monday (11), making it impossible to register new numbers.

With new solution, It’s still possible to chat via iMessage using Androidhowever, messages are identified by your email address rather than your mobile phone number.

According to the company, conversations remain end-to-end encrypted and the company is working on a new method to record phone numbers.

Initially, the price of Beeper Mini was 2 US dollars (approximately R$ 9.90) per month. However, due to the fight with Apple, the company decided to make the application free for everyone.

“Things are a bit complicated, and we’re hesitant to subject paying users to this. Once things stabilize (which we hope they will), we’ll try to re-enable subscriptions,” the company explains.

Beeper Mini defends itself against Apple’s accusations

By blocking the app, Apple accused Beeper of posing “significant risks to user security and privacy.” Frankly, the platform denied the accusation and is ready to share the entire service code with companies specializing in security.

Since it is a temporary solution, it is unknown how long Beeper Mini will run on Apple servers. The solution may take longer this time, but the iPhone manufacturer is very protective of the messaging service.

Source: Tec Mundo

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