internet explorer it was the gateway to the Internet for millions of people around the world. But we are far from the time when it was the Internet browser that dominated the market of its own accord, so today Microsoft is saying goodbye to it for the last time. Those who, for some reason, are still using IE on Windows 10 computers will find that the browser no longer works and will be prompted to continue browsing in Edge, a Chromium-based alternative from the Redmond firm.

However, removing Internet Explorer has become a headache in some countries. Especially for those who are still dependent on this tool in a work environment such as public administration. And Japan is one of the prime examples.

According to asian nikkeithe old Microsoft web browser is still in use in government agencies, logistics companies, factories and financial institutions. The report contains a survey of the company. Cayman network conducted in March showed that 49% of participants still use Internet Explorer for work. The worst? 20% of those who were still dependent on IE didn’t know how to deal with the transition to newer browsers.

This is quite remarkable, especially considering that Redmond has announced an end date for his old program in May 2021. This means that Japan and every other country that still uses Internet Explorer has had over a year to switch platforms. However, many have not yet done so.

“Internet Explorer Mode” in Microsoft Edge is not a universal solution

internet explorer

What will happen in countries where most online government procedures are only compatible with Internet Explorer? Be it Japan, Spain or any other territory IE dependentthe final decision will be transition to new platforms. But this won’t happen overnight, because it’s not just about ditching one legacy software like Microsoft’s old web browser; Let’s not forget that Windows XP computers are still in use in many public institutions.

But until this deep update happens, the countries affected by the death of Internet Explorer have an ace up their sleeve. We are talking about the “IE mode” of Microsoft Edge. It was introduced in 2019 in the current browser developed in Redmond when Chromium was adopted as the basis for its development. With this feature, users can view content only compatible with Internet Explorer without having to install it on a PC.

However, this is not without drawbacks. Of course, we are talking about a patch, so it will not be the final solution for any company or government that refuses to drop Internet Explorer, despite the final withdrawal of support. The big problem is that some procedures and portals are not even compatible with Edge’s “IE mode”.

According to Cayman network, this has already been seen in Japan with an electronic tax form for filing taxes with the National Tax Agency. same does not work with Internet Explorer emulation mode in the bowels of the Edge, which has already proven to be a problem for taxpayers.

The truth is that today Internet Explorer is finally saying goodbye and doing so with less than 1% of the global market share. Away from its glory days and leaving a few headaches along the way.

Source: Hiper Textual

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