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Bill Gates has presented an optimistic view of the growing impact of AI in 2024, sharing his thoughts in a new blog with predictions for how the technology will impact healthcare, education, work and the wider innovation process.

“We are now only at the beginning of this transition. “These are exciting and confusing times, and if you haven’t figured out how to best use AI, you’re not alone,” the tech mogul begins with a confession.

Some of the notable predictions:

  • Gates believes AI will begin to become widespread in advanced economies such as the US within 18 to 24 months.
  • He outlined ambitious current projects in medical AI, from combating antibiotic resistance to treating high-risk pregnancies.
  • Gates believes AI will transform learning through personalized learning and applauds innovations such as localized chatbots that are already tailoring educational content to students’ specific needs.
  • The Microsoft founder predicts that AI will significantly expand functions and improve productivity, rather than replace jobs.

Some questions Bill Gates raises about AI:

  • Can AI fight antibiotic resistance? Antibiotics have a magical ability to kill infection, but if you use them too often, pathogens can learn to ignore them.
  • Can AI offer each student a personalized tutor? The artificial intelligence educational tools being tested today are amazing because they are tailored to each individual student.
  • Can AI help treat high-risk pregnancies?? Every two minutes a woman dies in childbirth. This is a scary statistic, but I hope AI can help.
  • Can AI help people assess their risk of contracting HIV?
  • Can AI make health information easier for all healthcare workers?

“We can learn a lot from global health about how to make AI more equitable. The main lesson is that the product must adapt to the people who will use it,” says Gates.

Gates has previously seemed less enthusiastic about the technology than other major figures (in particular, he said ChatGPT has likely peaked recently), but his forecasts offer an optimistic and transformative outlook for the coming AI year.

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