The company reported that after the completion of the main upgrade phase carried out by MTS, the Moscow metro is now completely covered by the mobile network. During the modernization, experts installed new equipment and laid a cable spanning tunnels, increasing its length to 200 km and adding about 700 base station units. This ensured continuous coverage on all metro lines and stations, including new sections.

Every day, about 2.8 million MTS subscribers use mobile Internet in the Moscow metro, which exceeds the dynamics of Internet traffic consumption in other parts of the city. The volume of data downloaded in the metro reaches 1,100 TB per week, exceeding the traffic in some major cities. Engineers also combined LTE frequency ranges, increasing the maximum speed of mobile Internet to 500 Mbit/s in stations and 250 Mbit/s in tunnels.

MTS Technical Director Vladislav Medvedev emphasized that the company plans to expand the network with the development of the metro. According to him, in 2024 they plan to provide communications to new Trinity Line stations and optimize the network in areas requiring non-standard solutions. He also noted an almost 60% increase in VoLTE voice traffic in the Moscow metro in 2023.

Source: Ferra

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