The other day, images of TRINITY BLACK and TWIN EDGE models were leaked to the internet. And all this happened a few days before the official announcement, which was scheduled for January 8.

RTX 4070 Super Trinity Black will have three fans, similar to the non-Super version. Despite some minor changes to the cooler, the design of the case and fans remains the same.

Also, like the RTX 4070 Trinity, the new model will have a single 12VHPWR power connector.

The Twin Edge series includes models with and without factory overclocking. This series is also moving away from the standard 8-pin power connector towards a more modern 12VHPWR design.

Although the 8-pin connector is still capable of providing the required power (220W), ZOTAC has adopted a new connector design. According to sources, most custom RTX 4070 Super models will also use the 16-pin connector.

In terms of GPU features, the number of CUDA cores is expected to increase from 5888 to 7168, and GPU power requirements are expected to increase from 200W to 220W.

Source: Ferra

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