Users reported on Samsung’s official forum that a bug in One UI 6 was causing “Eye comfort protection” to be automatically enabled. Problem It causes the screen to turn yellow at a certain time of day, even if the function is disabled.

According to the report, the screen displayed images normally until 5.30pm when an orange filter was applied to the entire screen. Restart the mobile phone, Changing the settings or even resetting the device to factory settings would not fix the problem.

In one of the answers, a user explained that the problem lies with Android’s native “Night Lighting” feature. The function is equivalent to Samsung’s “Eye comfort protection” function, but cannot be controlled via the manufacturer’s interface.

In the same reply, the user added a 2018 Reddit post that suggested a solution: installing Nova Launcher. In the alternative interface, users will be able to directly change Android’s “Night Lighting” preferences, preventing the filter from being applied at night.

Once set up in the app, Nova Launcher can be deleted from the device but the preferences will be preserved.

How to solve the problem?

But the solution is not so intuitive. HE SamMobile We have shared the step by step guide to resolve the error, check it out:

  1. Install Nova Launcher from Play Store;
  2. Set it as the default launcher of your device. Settings > Apps > Select default apps > Launch app;
  3. Touch and hold an empty area on the mobile phone’s home screen (with Nova Launcher active) to open the menu;
  4. In the widget menu, select the ordinary widget called “Activity” and drag it to the home screen;
  5. Look in the “Activity” section until you find an item called “Settings”;
  6. Look for an item called “.Settings$NightDisplaySuggestionActivity” in the list and tap it to open the “Settings” button on the home screen;
  7. Tap on the new shortcut and look for the “Night Lighting” option (or “Night Light” in English);
  8. Disable the function and remove the automatic activation time.

If you followed the steps correctly, the problem should no longer occur even at a certain time of the day.

Fortunately, Samsung technical support was aware of the problem and announced that they were preparing a solution. The fix is ​​expected to arrive as an update in the next few days.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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