Always On Display (AOD) of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 ag mobile phonesnow shows lock screen wallpaper. This function was found in the models exhibited at the launch event last Wednesday (17).

The addition is clearly inspired by what exists on iPhones, but at the whim of Samsung. Instead of just displaying basic information in AOD, One UI 6.1 now shows the background with much reduced brightness but still in color.

According to reports, the new feature is enabled by default on the Galaxy S24 Ultra (it is unclear whether this feature is available on the base Galaxy S24 or the base S24+). This feature appears to be part of One UI 6.1, Samsung’s first major system update.

In principle, the aim is to add another layer of customization to AOD, but the reporter Android Police He states that the new product may be disturbing because it is too bright. In any case, it is possible to disable the feature from the settings menu.

Apart from displaying the wallpaper, there is also an option to “Erase background” which, when activated, displays only the main element of the image in AOD. However, this feature doesn’t work that well and depends on detecting elements in the image.

New AOD on old mobile phones?

For now, background AOD is not confirmed to be part of One UI 6.1. If the new feature is included in the package, it is likely to be available for previous generation mobile phones as well.

However, according to the sources we heard SamMobile, The feature will not be released for older models. The displays on these devices will not be efficient enough to have this feature.

Source: Tec Mundo

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