In recent years, programming languages ​​such as Python have become indispensable tools. Development of software, applications and technology solutions. As a result, the search for qualified professionals has become constant in many companies aiming to grow and develop in the programming segment.

And if you want to take advantage of this wave and Master Python in 2024, Udemy course promotion can be your ally! Thousands of courses were offered on the platform throughout this week. Up to 85% discount and prices starting from R$ 22.90.

In addition to discounts, you can count on a team of experts to deliver an unparalleled variety of content from around the world to enhance your professional development and learn at your own pace.

But be careful The campaign is valid until February 8.So don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your future. Next, Check out 17 options to take advantage of on Udemy:

  • Introductory computer programming course for R$ 22.90
  • Python 3 course from basic to advanced – with real projects for R$ 22.90
  • Python Programming Course from basic to advanced for R$ 27.90
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics Programming with Python Course for R$ 34.90
  • Python and MySQL course for R$ 27.90
  • Machine Learning and Data Science A to Z course with Python for R$ 27.90
  • Python Course: Apps for Android, iOS, Linx, Win and Mac for R$ 27.90
  • Python Programming Course from Zero to Advanced + Real Projects 2024, R$ 27.90
  • Python 3 Course: Complete for R$ 34.90
  • Complete Python 3 Course: Basic to Advanced for R$ 34.90
  • Python Course for Finance: Investments and Data Analysis for R$27.90
  • Artificial Neural Networks Course in Python for R$ 27.90
  • Course Easily Learn Programming in Python 3 from Scratch for R$ 34.90
  • Python Course for Data Analysis for R$ 27.90
  • Python Course with RPA and Creating Real Projects for R$ 27.90
  • Modern Web 2.0 Programmer Course 2022 Python, Django, React R$ 27.90
  • Web Development Course with Python and Django for R$ 27.90

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Udemy website and benefit from discounts to invest in your future!

Source: Tec Mundo

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