Belarusian startup Fams raised $400k from Flint Capital managing partner Dmitry Smirnov and others. The money will be spent on developing and promoting products, attracting users and exploring new international markets.

Belarusian startup Fams raised $400k from Flint Capital managing partner Smirnov and others

The Belarusian startup Fams raised $400,000 in a pre-seed investment round, led by the American fund Smok Ventures, business angel Andrei Avsievich and Flint Capital managing partner Dmitry Smirnov. IT Logs writes about this.

Fams has developed an app for parents and children that uses an AI chatbot to provide advice on solving family problems. The application also offers personalized programs for the development of the child and the formation of healthy habits.

The startup plans to use funds to develop and promote products, attract users and study international markets.

Fams was founded by Elena Malyutina and Daria Kolkowskaya, who are the company’s CEO and COO, respectively.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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