This option is as good as AirTag and compatible with the Call app for half the price

Thanks to Apple’s Search Network, we can get AirTag alternatives compatible with the iPhone Search app at the best price

This alternative to Apple’s AirTags is great and very cheap

One of the best purchases an Apple user can make is an AirTag or an alternative that works just as well so they don’t lose their stuff. this is the situation ATUVOS object finderA device with the same features as Apple’s AirTag Compatible with Find My iPhone app and it costs half the money.

AirTags didn’t come alone; They did this with the help of Apple’s Search Network. This network consists of every Apple device on the planet and allows you to locate a lost AirTag even without an internet connection or GPS. And the best thing is that anyone can create a geolocation device compatible with the Search Network.

HE ATUVOS object finder It costs just 21.99 euros, which is almost half the cost of the AirTag. But right now, it can be yours with an extra 20% discount by applying an Amazon discount coupon. So it stays inside only 17.59 euros.


Amazon discount coupon

Don’t forget to apply this Amazon discount coupon

Compatible with Apple Search Network, ATUVOS object finder works almost the same as AirTag. This means that when you bring it closer to the iPhone, a pop-up will appear to sync it and we can use it in the objects tab of the iPhone’s Search application.

Like other Apple devices, ATUVOS Tag can enter lost mode, this way you will be automatically notified when other devices or the Search Network detect it. You can also add your contact information so that when someone approaches your tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone, they can retrieve your contact information to help you find the lost item.


iPhone and ATUVOS object finder

The cost of the best alternative to AirTag is really low

ATUVOS object finder is waterproof IP67Use the same to avoid getting damaged by getting wet. replaceable CR2032 type battery It is better than AirTag and has a hole on the side so it can be used directly as a keychain. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters without obstruction, but you can locate it even further away from the Search app.

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