Among the many digital services Google offers, one of them is data storage. Google Drive focuses on the functionality of saving files in a wide variety of formats and making them available to the user.

Free, 15 GB is offered free of charge to all users with a company account. — the same one that can be used to access Gmail. With it, you can store photos, videos, documents and other files accessed via computer or mobile devices.

In this total, Files stored in Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos services. Photo and video backup was unlimited until 2021, but this advantage has been discontinued. The same goes for backing up WhatsApp chats and media on Android since January this year.

Have you ever wondered what will happen to those who subscribe and cancel the service? Are files exceeding 15 GB deleted or does the user keep the “extra” space even without paying?

What happens if I exceed Google’s limit?

There are immediate consequences if you exceed the available storage space in your Google account, which is 15GB in the free plan. The user is prevented from uploading files, images and videos In Google Drive and Google Photos services.

The same goes for creating documents, presentations, or spreadsheets using the company’s web applications. Besides, Gmail Inbox becomes “frozen”, without the ability to send or receive emails.

Google Photos

All services are restored when deleting files or purchasing more space and once again you can create, save or send data as normal.

Understanding Google One

In order to ease the bill for users who store a large number of files, the company has a subscription service called Google One. The platform provides several benefits, including additional space to store files.

Plans vary widely in space and price; It ranges from 100 GB up to an extra 30 TB to store files. The service also guarantees features like photo editing, monitoring the leakage or illegal sale of your data, and sharing benefits and extra space with family members.

Some of the Google One subscription options.

Therefore, in practice it is somewhat The “evolution” of the free account. Subscriptions became more expensive in Brazil in December last year. In the country, Google One plans currently start from R$7.99 per month.

What happens if I stop paying for Google One?

In case of failure to pay for the subscription, the user loses access to the extra benefits of the account. Especially, you only have 15GB of free space to store data and files.

If there is more than what is registered in your account, the company imposes some “locks” on all platforms connected to storage. This means that until you delete some data, you won’t be able to:

  • Sending or receiving messages in Gmail;
  • Sync, create or upload new files to Google Drive;
  • Back up photos or videos to Google Photos.

On the other hand, you can enjoy other Google One benefits until the end of the billing cycle. In other words, they are released until the end of the monthly or annual period in which the last payment is made.

Can Google delete my files saved in Drive?

Google may remove files from Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive for those who exceed the 15GB quota when paying for Google Onand did not stop subscribing and return to free limit.

But this is only the profile more than two years over quota And you “Do not free up space or increase storage to go below the limit”.

You stop receiving emails when you reach the storage limit (Image: Pixabay)

The company provides storage management tools that help you identify ways to free up space and recommends downloading and storing files on your HD or SSD rather than using the cloud.

What does Google say?

In a note sent TecMundo, Google confirms all content from the account “will be eligible for deletion” in the cases mentioned above.

“The condition is that the user has the opportunity to purchase more storage space, delete files or download all content from our services. If the account is subject to this, We will contact you via email to notify the user before deletion takes place.“, says the company.

Google is making this even stronger respects up to two years before you revert to free quota or resubscribe to Google One having additional space.

Source: Tec Mundo

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