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In branches of mass institutions, Russian bioengineers have released a shaft length of 565 nm, which is effective at the present time. Antibiotics, tuberculosis and nectars, other drugs for “superbugs” and microbacterial infections are used.

I will provide experiments to the Federal Research Center of Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it has been proven that the real one reaches 99.99%, and the Method must be used to combine tubercles in lung cells, as well as pathogens of this disease that exhibit resistance to drugs.

In particular, scientists have studied, such as Koch’s bacillus, which is the causative agent of tuberculosis, and drugs that cause bacterial poisoning, used even by spies, during which they are most resistant to drugs and remain in organism for years before awakening.

Since they were removed, such a microbial repository could become unique. This is also called delta-aminolevulinic acid, which is essential for the diagnosis and photodynamic therapy of cancer. Getting into the tuberculosis cell, this acid forms a large number of porphyrins – these are pigment molecules that actively absorb yellow light.

Among the specialists at FITS Biotechnology, this is true: before filling the porphyrins, the length is 565 nanometers. The options were similar, this is after running 99.99% tubeless microbes. minute.

Source: Tech Cult

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