Apple has blocked all CryptoPro services for Mac due to US sanctions.

This is a crypto service provider that provides cryptographic information protection tools and public key infrastructure (PKI) in Russia. In particular, CryptoPro CSP is used in programs for filing tax reports, in client banks and on a universal electronic card.

The editors of began receiving complaints about the program’s operation on the morning of Monday, March 11.

Due to the revocation of the developer’s certificate by the developer, all CryptoPRO services are marked in macOS as unsafe and not known to be. This happened after the company CryptoPro came under US sanctions.

Apple blocked our development in the AppStore and revoked the certificate of the mobile product code for the MacOS operating systems.

We tried to quickly solve the problem and prepare new distributions for MacOS for you.

— CryptoPro

It is now impossible to use the leading CryptoPRO CSP program on a Mac, as well as to sign documents with an electronic signature.

If the program is still running for you, then this will most likely last until the next macOS security updates (but this happens automatically). However, the developers have already provided a fix for serious problems. [КриптоПРО]

Source: Iphones RU

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