Apple, Google and Microsoft have the hardest-to-repair devices, according to US PIRG, a United States agency.

We all know that repairing and disassembling Apple devices is very difficult, right? You need specialized tools and company knowledge for a successful business. All these issues have already been taken into account by the laws of the United States.

Laptops and mobile phones Apple, Microsoft and Google harder to fix More than any other, according to the repairability index of the United States. What is taken into account? Why was this mentioned? Now we explain it to you.

What is the United States Repairability Index?

France has the world’s first repairability index law, enacted in 2021. This law allows the classification of electronic devices.such as cell phones and computers according to the ease with which most of the malfunctions can be repaired. All this data was presented to users before the purchase.

The United States already has its own repairability index inspired by the 5 points that make up French law. This new classification is named US PIRG. and has the following features:

  1. It averages the overall ratings for these 5 criteria: ease of disassembly, repair manual, parts availability, repair price, and a category specific to each company.
  2. Positive or negative rating if the company is a member of TechNet or the Consumer Technology Association, associations that support customers in the event of non-compliance with repairs.
  3. Positive or negative evaluation if companies are legally sued for not repairing the technological device.
iphone repair

Apple devices are often more difficult to repair because of their disassembly.

Why are Apple, Microsoft and Google suspending repairability?

The classification of the United States agency PIRG places Apple as the worst-rated company. Ease of repairing computers received an average of 3.16 out of 10, and mobile phone repair an average of 2.75 out of 10. Since iFixit unveiled the iPhone 12, Apple already had a history of difficulty fixing it. The most complicated mobile phone to repair.

The US government also stated that it is usually much more expensive to repair out-of-warranty iPhones. however, Apple has the advantage that customer service and repair satisfaction is generally positive..

Google and Microsoft also did not get high scores in this ranking.. Microsoft scored an average of 4.6 out of 10 and Google 4.64 out of 10. Dell company is the best rated company in this ranking with an overall score of 7.81.

Repairing your Mac or iPhone is often difficult, especially difficult to disassemble if you don’t have the proper tools. That’s why we always recommend it. repair at authorized Apple centers.

Source: i Padizate

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