Billie Eilish fans were surprised this Thursday (4) with a new post the singer made on social media. Reason? Singer put all followers in Close Friends list instagram for an article.

In practice this means: Approximately 110 million people saw the post as if they were close friends of the 22-year-old singer.

There is no text in the photo published by Billie Eilish. The post includes: An image that appears to have been taken underwater, with a hand and some air bubbles in one corner.

The post in question appeared in the Instagram Stories area with the traditional green frame that indicates a post from Close Friends.

Why did Instagram use Close Friends?

Eilish, one of today’s biggest pop phenomena and a two-time Oscar winner for Best Original Song, is in the preparation phase for a new album.

Therefore, publishing the image A very creative way to attract the public’s attention. Expectations are being created for the singer’s third album, which has no name yet. Instagram itself also takes advantage of this type of post through its algorithm, often placing it in front of traditional Stories.

By placing all of your millions of followers on Close Friends, Eilish managed to arouse public curiosity and even touched many followers. because they become more intimate with the singer, even if only for a moment.

There were many reactions on social media from those who opened the application and saw that the singer was added to his chosen friend group:

Eilish’s album also marks a new era for the singer; According to other clues previously posted on social media, the album will be marked in blue. Now, The project does not have a planned release date yethowever, the increasing frequency of clues indicates that more information will be released soon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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